Web XR State of the ARt

Web XR means to deliver AR experiences on the Web, using any browser, without even requiring to use specific devices, like headsets. In this talk, I will show all technologies and platforms available, in 2021, to build Web XR experiences for free, highlighting pros/cons, devices, support and future plans for each of them. This talk has been thought to be a good way to start with WebAR.


Nicolò Carpignoli

Nicolò Carpignoli is a Web XR Developer at Chialab (Bologna, Italy) and an Invited Expert at W3C. From 2018 he is the maintainer AR.js. He is also the author of Geo AR.js, the first Location-Based Web AR library, written in Javascript. On 2019, along with a team of Open Source developers, he contributed to the first Image-tracking system for Web AR. On 2020 he becomes part of the W3C working on Accessibility for emerging technologies. He is currently a PhD candidate at IUAV University, researching for new technologies to help blind students in learning shapes and graphics using multimodal strategies.



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